Enjoy Your Life is a Christian blog for women that was started by Farrah Lollis in 2015. The Lord placed it on her heart to begin sharing helpful information about living a Godly life and embracing happiness from the inside out. This blog is designed to provide information, advice, love and wisdom holistically.


For a long time, there has been a stigma on the Christian lifestyle that one cannot have fun and be saved, or one cannot be happy while living saved. She felt the need to help as many people as possible, realize the truth that happiness comes from a genuine, Bible-centered, intimate relationship with God.


The blog came to an abrupt end after some life-changing events took place and changed the course of her life. Soon after she felt compelled to continue the work that God started and began writing again in March 2017.


During the relaunch, Farrah got the idea to not only publish blogs, but also record videos and podcasts. Using these three platforms, her hope is to inspire women with scriptures, practical living, devotionals, personal life experiences, fashion tips, relationship (family, friends, etc). advice and so much more. 


Enjoy Your Life has gone through transitions and continues to evolve as the Lord leads. This blog is for women from all walks of life. To the saved, Farrah's endeavor is to inspire a deeper, more meaningful, lasting relationship with Christ and others. To the un-saved, her hope is to inspire women to seek a pure understanding of the Christian life and to chose Christ, allowing His love to saturate and captivate their heart.