My name is Farrah LaRaé. I am a Gospel singer, songwriter, podcast host, author, speaker, entrepreneur and more. I specialize in teaching natural and spiritual growth to women in-person and online through my faith-based organization called Enjoy Your Life (EST.2015) and my business called Boss Babe Life Hacks (EST. 2018)

Every week I’m on a mission to see women empowered, inspired and motivated to work towards their dreams. I am a firm believer that faith without works is dead and I am passionate about helping women get to that next level in their life.​

I have recently built my online boutique called Farrah’s Closet where I sell fabulous new and used items from my closet. Repurposing is definitely essential and a priority of mine. I love to find ways that gorgeous pieces can be reborn even if that’s on someone else!

I am inspired by everything around me...people, things, nature, experience and most importantly God! I believe I was put on this earth to make an impact and I also believe that you were too! Our lives were made for more than just living. We were divinely created by God to serve Him and to serve each other, there’s something very special about that.

My goal is to inspire you, help you unlock your destiny and walk in your God-given potential. If you’re new here, follow me on this journey to a life of promise and possibilities. If you’ve been here for awhile, stick around because we’re just getting started.