Purpose & Destiny

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Purpose & Destiny
Hey Girl,
There is a passion that lives inside that pushes each of us everyday. Some have pursued this passion with no avail and have given up, others are currently striving to fulfill this raging wind within and others have yet to discover the power they possess to change the world.
Your passion may be to win souls to Christ, see hungry stomachs fed, broken hearts healed, hung down heads be lifted, etc. Many times we believe that this passion comes from our own ideas or personal decision to make a difference. We often believe that it’s something we created when in reality, it has come from God.The passion that burns so strongly inside of you was placed inside of you by the creator.
The life you were given was not without reason. You wonder why you experienced certain things in your life, it's because you were destined to reach others who came from the same background that you did. Maybe you were raised in a broken home or experienced hurt at a young age, that's because the Lord wanted you to feel the hurt of the man or woman that you were designed to reach. You were not given the life you were given by mistake. God wanted you there. That’s why it’s so important not to allow your situation to define your emotional disposition, rather to learn from it and allow it to make you better in order to help someone else grow.
There’s someone who doesn’t know how to overcome the very situation that you went through, it’s your job to pass them the tools they need to dig their way out of their rut.

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